Snoozie's Cozies Surprise Treat Box

Everyone loves a surprise, and that goes for our pets too, so why not treat them to a Snoozie's Cozies Surprise Treat Box. Each Surprise Treat Box contains a selection of full-sized high quality, healthy treats and toys or boredom busters from top quality brands such as Rosewood, Trixie, Burgess etc.There are no sample-sized products in the boxes

Your pet's treats are delivered in a very handy cardboard box which is perfect for even more entertainment value for them. Turn the box into a house, a tunnel or a hay rack and allow them to carry out their own "renovations" for hours more fun.


The value of the items in each box will be higher than the cost of buying them individually, and the value of the items in each individual box is on it's descritption, so that the only surprise you'll receive is the contents.

How exciting! Our August Surprise Treat Box arrived from Snoozie's Cozies! Marmaduke & Freddy had so much fun eating the wrapping paper & investigating the contents! Can't wait to try the treats out

Caroline Milne 4th August 2016

(Her piggies Marmaduke and Freddy are the in the pigtures at the top of the page with their Medium Treat Box and the pigture to the right)

What a lovely surprise coming home from work to a lovely parcel for my piggies. I’m so excited I love the whole thing even the cut the box out idea I’m so excited to give them everything!! Can’t wait till next month’s box already. When can I place an order??? I will be giving them their treats on Saturday when I clean them all out so will take lots of pictures. Thank you so much it’s made my day xxxx

Sarah Smith 4th August ‘16

Sarah had a Small Surprise Treat Box. One of her piggies   ( Freddie) is in the two pigtures above

It was like Piggy Crimbo today! Baby Pig Gingerpants and his sweetheart Missy received their Luxury Treat Box prize this morning and can't wait to delve into the yummy goodness!

Wendy Chalubinksi 4th August 2016

Wendy won the Facebook Giveaway to receive a free Small Surprise Treat Box. The two pigtures below are her piggies MIssy Pig & Baby PIg Ginger Pants ( left) and Little Pig (right)
Hi Nikki, we have opened the boxes! They are absolutely brilliant. I love everything! I like the letter your gang put in there with the toy ideas. I like the way you have given instructions for the box to be cut up - I know that's straight forward but a brill idea. My boys already know and love Herbal Garden but we've never seen or tried the log so that's great. They love the treats - obviously! Although they find the drops a bit tough to bite so Pip ended up pushing his around the floor like a football. Hilarious to watch. I have attached a few photos and will send some more later. Thanks xx

Carol Knowles 5th August 2016

(Carol had two Small Treat Boxes and her piggies Pip & Squeak are in the pigtures above)

Thanks for our lovely treat box.... Sugar xx

Daisy has laid claim to the cardboard Box :-D x

Jo Evans 4th August 2016

(Jo had a Small Treat box and her piggies Sugar and Daisy are in the two pigtures above. I had marked the small boxes and given instructions on making it into a cardboard tunnel which Daisy is demonstrating above)

Hello Nikki,

Just opened bunny box and I'm thrilled. The letter you put inside was funny. I think you must have enjoyed making the boxes up. Thank you very much xxx

Julie Boast 5th August 2016

(Julie had a Small Bunny Treat Box and  her bunnies Christie & Rillington are above)

Medium Guinea Pig Treat Box  - August 2016 (Above)

Contents of Medium Guinea Pig Treat Box

August 2016

£15 + P&P

Burgess Excel Country Garden Herbs

 Rosewood Naturals Crisp 'n' Crunch Celery

Rosewood Naturals Little Hearts 

Science Supreme Timothy Hay & Herbs Stickles

 Nature First Wicker Playball

 Rosewood Naturals Grainless Herb 'n' Veg Drops

  Rosewood Boredom Breaker Shred-a-Log

(Contents RRP £16.69)

Small Guinea Pig Treat Box - August 2016 (Above)

Contents of Small Guinea Pig Treat Box

August 2016

£10 + P&P

Rosewood Naturals Little Hearts

Science Supreme Stickles Carrot & Broccoli

Rosewood Naturals Herbal Garden

Rosewood Naturals Grainless Herb 'n' Veg Drops

Rosewood Boredom Breaker Shred-a-Log

(Contents RRP £11.41)