Pet Wear Washbags

If you're fed up with your freshly washed clothes being covered in hair from the washing machine, or with the washing machine repair bills after you've had to have someone out to fix your machine because it's been blocked with hay or hair, then read on!

The most essential item when you have fabric  items for your pets - whether it's fleece cozies for your guinea pigs, a comfy bed for your cats and dogs, or numnahs and rugs for your horses - is a Petwear Washbag.  By using a Pet Wear Washbag you'll have:

  • No more clothes covered in hair
  • No more trying to unblock the washing machine filter and flooding the kitchen floor
  • No more costly repair bills for the washing machine
  • No more having to run extra rinse cycles after doing your pet's washing
  • No more wiping the drum to try and get rid of the hair
  • Petwear Washbags prevent buckle damage to your machine
  • They can be used to store dirty pet washing prior to puting it in the machine
So, how do they work?

The Petwear Washbags act as a filtration system for your washing machine. They trap all hair, hay etc in the bag while allowing a free flow of water through the bag to clean your items. When you're finished washing, just remove your items, shake out the hair or hay, and it's ready for it's next use. You can even tumble dry your items inside the bag to keep your dryer free from hair too!

Just click on the link below to see how they work, and what is kept inside the bag  (answer....everything!)

 The washbags come in three different sizes, so you can wash anything from a single small item up to multiple items, cage liners, dog beds and horses rugs. You can even wash your own washing at the same time!! Just pop your pet's items in the bag, and put the bag in the machine with your own washing

 Small Washbag 

Suitable for one or two small items eg Cozies, Girths, Headcollars etc

Dimensions 41cm x 54cm


Large Washbag

Suitable for multiple items eg Cozies, or Cat Beds, Fly Sheets, Numnahs etc

Dimensions 58cm x 75cm


Jumbo Washbag

Suitable for multiple small items, or Cage Liners, Dog Beds, Horse Rugs etc

Dimensions 75cm x 80cm