All of my items are made from fleece, and most have Polyester Wadding inside. They can all be washed at 30 degrees, using NON-BIOLOGICAL washing products. This is to care for your pets' skin rather than the fabric. Fleece wicks moisture away from your pets, so please DO NOT use fabric softener which blocks this process.

I recommend Halo Non Bio washing liquid which is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial ( even at 30 degrees) and can be ordered online from:

and also using a Petwear Washbag, to keep your machine free from hay and hair. For more information, click on the Petwear Washbags Information button below

All items should be washed BEFORE giving them to your pets. This is to remove the coating that is on the fleece from manufacture. Cage liners should be washed at least twice before use, otherwise liquids will just sit on top of the fleece. rather than wicking though. The more fleece is washed, the better it is at wicking the moisture away from your pets. Please remember that you must use an absorbant layer underneath your fleece cage liners.

Items should be line-dried, and they will dry quickly. While I myself do tumble dry items occasionally, it will shorten the lifespan of your items, so if you choose to tumble dry them, it is at your own risk. Please ensure all items are fully dry before giving them back to your pets as damp bedding will make your pets ill.

Petwear Wash Bags

I definitely recommend using a Petwear Washbag for all pet bedding. I've been using one for the last seven years after my husband started complaining about the washing machine repair bills ( the result of being clogged up with hair and hay) and his clothes being covered in Guinea pig hair! 

I currently stock them  in three sizes:

 Small (£8.95) Large (£12.95) and Jumbo (£15.95).